There’s Gold in Them Thar Hills

A book by Loudon Temple

When you are born on Good Friday and baptised at Easter, it is said that you’ll inherit the power of healing… and wouldn’t that be a blessing for an adventurous young rascal who collected bumps and bruises instead of stamps.

As a lively, thrill-seeking youngster, Loudon temple got into more scrapes than the average schoolboy, including several near-death experiences, but survives unscathed to tell his tale.

And what a story it is as, both in Scottish Borders town of Selkirk and growing up in nearby Hawick, he milked life for all it had to give, and savoured the cream that he skimmed off the top.

Some of these childhood recollections will raise a smile, while others will shock, surprise and possible take your breath away.

He takes us on a nostalgic trip back to the Fifties recalling the great characters who were loved in the community, and revisits some of his daredevil exploits while remembering his circle of chums as well as traditions and values, many of which have disappeared, that were part of everyday life not so long ago.

Take a step back in time and set to smile a lot…

He even tries tae “gi’ed a bash,” as oo find um “talkin Haaick” Oo hope ee hink hei made a right guid job o’d!

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