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We love to travel and make new discoveries and friends to provide warm and lasting memories for many years. Loudon and Brenda Temple have been happy wanderers and, almost as collectors do, cherish the best but also feel they should be shared. Here there are accounts of adventures, some of which have thrown up amazing experiences, others that have been hugely entertaining, and most of them too good to keep to themselves.

* With thanks to the late, great Glasgow artist and writer, Alasdair Gray for the home page artwork which was borrowed from a print he did in 1983 

The Bungalow

A book by Loudon Temple

The Bungalow Bar was a legendary venue when punk was at its peak. Many who played there went on to become better-known names. Read their recollections.
£5 from every sale goes to help the homeles.

£ 15 + Postage and Packing

The Music Goes ‘Round and ’Round

A book by Loudon Temple

Music has been a common and welcome thread through my entire life. In this book, I recall some of the most noteworthy experiences…

£ 10 + Postage and Packing

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