Loudon Temple had been a journalist all his working life, spending many years as a travel writer who contributed features to the UK’s national newspapers and magazines.

Passionate about music of all kinds, it was while on a travel-writing commission to American Folk hero Doc Watson’s MerleFest in North Carolina, that his career took an unexpected and unplanned turn, leading to him launching the Brookfield-Knights music agency, touring international artists in the UK, and presenting many different musicians and bands at some of the biggest outdoor events and festivals.

Keeping his writing hand employed through PR and marketing campaigns for those he represented, he built the company to become one of the UK’s leading music agencies, operating for fifteen years until things ground to a halt when CV19 restrictions made it impossible for venues to stay open in 2020.

The change in circumstances led him to re-assess plans for the future, revisit and revise travel features he considered gave exposure to some of the most interesting and worth-repeating experiences he had when previously out in the world with pen, notebook and camera.

He and partner Bren both love to get well off the beaten path to meet up with people and hear their stories, sample experiences the average holidaymaker might not consider a priority and soak up the culture, music and traditions which are celebrated.

They are always attracted by the prospect of what lies around the next corner or over the crest of the hill.

Most of the features here were carried originally by publications such as The Herald, The Scotsman, The Sunday Herald, Scotland On Sunday, The Daily Mail and The Daily Express, The Belfast Telegraph and Maverick magazine.

Writing under the pen name, Bren Haldane, Brenda, an award-winning Scottish jewellery designer, has also had her travel articles published by the Glasgow Evening Times. Travel-writing once more and enjoying every minute, this website will be updated as they report in on the best experiences and discoveries from their latest roaming adventures.